Australia is one of the leading countries students prefer to study. It offers excellent living and studying conditions, as it’s regarded as one of the best country in the world that offers high quality education. Australia also promotes multiculturalism and cultural diversity.

Our office is currently affiliated with different education institutions to cater for the student’s needs and requests. We assess your situation and we advise and guide what would be suitable for you.

We explain the detailed information of being an international student, what it requires and its cost. We help you find suitable education providers for your qualifications, arrange enrolments, obtain Letter of Enrolment and Confirmation for the course of your choice and assist with your Visa requirements and application.

There are different sub-class visas for different course of study. We will advise you of the most appropriate visa according to your long-term objective. We will assist you to apply for the visa, to meet the criteria set out by the Government. We will also explain the conditions attached to your visa.

Contact us with your personal details and the visa you are enquiring about on +61 2 8249 1834 or email us at and we will contact you as soon as practicable.