About Migration AUS-NZ

Languages spoken (other than English): Cantonese, Mandarin, Nihongo (Japanese), Tagalog (Filipino), Cebuano




Migration AUS-NZ assists migrants acquire the VISA needed for Australia and Down Under. Whether you're here for a visit, you want your partner or family to be with you, or a skilled worker who wants to Live and work in Australia and Down Under we are here to help you. If you are seeking education, training or internship, or a temporary worker who wants to be a permanent resident, Migration AUS-NZ will be with you every step of the way

Migration AUS-NZ’s vision is:

To be the premier migration consultancy agency for education, recruitment and placement services in Australia and Down Under, providing value for all migrants, companies and parties alike. To be of assistance to those who need refuge and fulfill our obligation to help those in need.  

Migration AUS-NZ’s mission is:

To offer one stop shop service for migrants, employers, workers, and students for their settlement in Australia and Down Under  

To help potential migrants find study, life and work abroad in order to obtain a better life not only for themselves but their families

To help in the deployment of qualified and efficient employees to showcase their expertise, dedication to work, perseverance and competence. We endeavour to send qualified, deserving and proud migrant workers the fastest and the least expensive way.

To provide migrant workers with better compensation and benefits and safe, adequate and humane working conditions for their personal and economic growth

To show that migrant workers are world class not only in terms of talents but in attitudes regarding work

To help those who need refuge to realise their dream of having a safer and healthier environment where they can become productive members of an organised society 

Contact us with your personal details and the visa you are enquiring about on +61 2 8249 1834 or email us at consultant@migrationausnz.com.au and we will contact you as soon as practicable.